Cherry Plum Flower Remedy for Uncontrollable Behavior in dogs


Cherry Plum Flower

Do you find that your dog gets out of control during certain situations and has uncontrollable behavior? Do you have a nervous dog that goes berserk and into a total panic through fear that he endangers himself or others? Cherry Plum flower remedy can be given to your dog to restore control. It can be given directly on his tongue or put in his water bowl. It is also suggested that owners take this remedy too, as we become afraid of an animal’s behavior and may have been the cause with our own behavior.  It comes in a bottle as a liquid form that you should find at your local health food store. It is also used in combination with Aspen flower remedy that is used for unknown fear.  Rescue Remedy flower essence is also used in conjunction with Cherry Plum.  Give it a try!

To find out more information on Flower Remedies for your pets check out Bach Flower Remedies for Animals by Helen Graham and Gregory Vlamis.