About Us

Like many Central Oregonians, Carla Hara is a pet owner and complete animal lover. Carla has always had a deep love for all animals ever since she was a little girl. She currently has a rescued Greyhound, named Tjena and her cat’s name is Posie. She loves all species of animals but has had a special place in her heart for rescuing retired Greyhounds and homeless cats.

Obtaining a Bachelor of Science Degree in Zoology, Carla has always had a calling in working with animals. She has had many years of experience working and caring for animals – including a combination of volunteering at animal shelters and sanctuaries, completing an internship at a wolf sanctuary, working as a veterinary assistant and fostering many animals throughout the years. Carla decided to follow her passion in caring for animals by starting her own tender loving pet care business, where she strives to give you and your pets the best quality care they deserve.

Top 10 Ways to Spot a Tender Loving Pet Care Client:

  1. Only the best care will do for your babies when you’re away so you called Tender Loving Pet Care!
  2. You would never consider leaving your pet in a kennel while you’re away.
  3. A pantry shelf is designated for your pet’s special treats, chewies, catnip and other pet yummies.
  4. Your pet has more beds than you do and still sleeps with you.
  5. You have pet toys scattered around the house.
  6. You feed them a better diet than you feed yourself.
  7. You have framed pictures of your pet in your house and on holiday cards.
  8. You can’t help babying your pet!
  9. Your Android or iPhone home screen has your pet’s picture on it.